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Titan Next & Senn Badenerstrasse

Zürich CH . 2016 - 2021

The Blüemliquartier today is an intensively green quarter in the heart of Zurich. The aim is to adequately complement this density of greening and then develop it further. High-stemmed solitaire trees stand in groups along the façade and partly overlook the rooftops on the ground floor. The long-side building line is partially interrupted. In most parts of the outdoor area, the building will be surrounded by a green lane. The residents and neighbours receive the possibilities for crossing, encounter and stay. Small steps will connect the neighboring plots with the green lane and make this place an intersection of neighborly life. A plate covering is inserted in a generous surface sprea with gravel, which occasionally widens to small places.
At the edges there is room for successive vegetation, which forms a transition to existing private gardens and the accompanying plantations of perennials and meadows. A striking group of trees forms the center of the courtyard and appears in relation to the surrounding facades.

Baumschlager Eberle Architekten

47°22'55.6"N 8°30'05.3"E