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USUS is a multidisciplinary team that understands diversity as a quality for planning and its outcome. Daily we develop urban nature in various sizes using the specific context and situation of the location. This creates public and private gardens and parks, urban places and far-reaching city planning. We regard ourselves as generalists who look at and develop each project with constant curiosity and great care towards other disciplines.

Managing Director:

Roger Keller

BSC FHO Landscape Architecture
MAS FHNW Site Management

Johannes Strass

B. Eng. Landscape Architecture

Ana Olalquiaga

(in Elternzeit)
M.Sc. Architecture

Caio Fialho

MAS ETH/EPFL Urban and Territorial Design

Livia Baur

Dipl. Business Economist

Susana Shmaguina

M.Sc. Architecture
Kitti Biro-Varga

M.Sc. Landscape Architecture