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Pronunciation: [uːzʊs]

The term USUS stands for habits, traditions, and more generally, common practice. Within our work, we aim to rethink norms and what is considered normal in order to create a new USUS. In finding a place between the familiar and the unfamiliar, we aim to rediscover landscape.

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L’eau et vous

Lausanne CH . 2019

La Place St François is flooded with movement and rhythm. It palpitates with high density and diversity. On the ground, visible to everyone, is the traffic. Above, in the sky, we see the system of cables that operate the buses. Underground, hidden from our eyes, the labyrinth of pipes and drains containing probably one of our most important resources; water, a symbol of vitality and dynamism and an essential element in garden planning since time immemorial. The water now returns to the surface by penetrating the hard asphalt like a force of nature that suddenly regains its rights.

The flow of water is regulated by nature - from the glacier to the rivers, through the lake to the people and back to the land. It's a cycle.

But what determines the city flows? Rules, connections, timings, sequences are all structured elements. These flows operate in distinct directions and speeds, clearly separated from one another. Where there is no interaction, there is no conflict so anything that stands in the way of efficiency must make way. As a result, pedestrians use underpasses and bridges.

But what gives life to a city, what makes it flow? What makes a city urban? Is it the density and sequences of traffic? Is it the rush of people? Or is it rather the unexpected interruptions between the two?

L’eau et vous project is an unexpected interruption. A rediscovery of nature within the city. An engaging and playful appropriation of public space.
The point of interest is altered, shifting towards a central common focus where the spectator is freed from his or her usual sequence and routine in the city. All users of the public space who were previously disconnected from each other are suddenly gathered for this brief instant. The dynamics and speed of traffic are transferred to the geysers of L’eau et vous, which gush water towards the sky.

The unexpected rupture and the sudden presence of geysers in the city creates a free space which frees the people. This pause generates a moment of reflection through a non-functional symbolic gesture where the unfamiliar confronts the familiar.

Barbara Marie Hofmann
DOSCRE Donet Schäfer Reimer Architekten

46°31'10.8"N 6°37'56.3"E

Philip Heckhausen

3-Fach-Kindergarten Gartenstrasse

Würenlingen CH . 2015 - 2018

The new kindergarten on Gartenstraße is characterized by three large group rooms, which allow a strong relation from the southern street to the northern garden. Through large openings in the facade, the exterior space can be felt well into the building. The building is accessed via the back garden, making a direct connection between the house and the garden possible throughout the day.

In the garden, a large clearing as 'hortus conclusus' becomes a characteristic feature of the open space. It offers a large space for a variety of natural and dynamic play and recreation opportunities. Through horticultural areas the children may experience the handling of the cultivated landscape.